Concerning Religion and the rites of marriage. The rites of Ministers.

One’s Minister provides instruction, counsel, guidance and supervision for a lifetime. It is a very personal service.  He presides over ones “personal;” his “spiritual” affairs.  He is counted as one of the family when one’s marry.  It is an intimate relationship entered into by one’s having the same belief system.  They have a common discipline.  One they intend to follow, and be obedient to all of their lives.  A couple married by a particular minister is more especially expected to receive the ministers counsel in their marital affairs.  If personal differences or a personality conflict makes this prospect prohibitive, then the two parties should elect another minister.

Ministers have refused to perform wedding ceremonies for many and various personal reasons. (1)  The couple don’t believe the same as he. (2) He believes that one or both parties have been divorced unscripturally. (3)  He may believe that the couple are ill suited, and that the marriage would not last.  (4)  He may feel that one or both parties don’t attend services regularly enough, and are not truly committed to be faithful to one another.  (5)  He may feel that one or both are not truly converted, and in God’s eyes cannot truly be married.

When a couple is refused by a minister, they seldom get upset.  If they cannot or will not make any of the recommended adjustments, they simply seek out another minister to marry them.  They want to be married by a member of their own subculture anyway.  They do not want to be married by someone who does not approve of their marriage.  If the two are truly in love, they want to share their joy with those that are happy for them.

Sequently:  Christians want to be married by a Christian Minister; not an Imam or Jewish Rabi.  Muslims want to be married by an Imam; not a Christian Minister or Jewish Rabi.  Jews want to be married by a Jewish Rabi, not a Christian Minister or an Imam.  Atheist, or those that are indifferent about spiritual things want to be married by an Atheist, Judge, or Justice of the Peace.  Those performing personal services of this nature want to minister to those within their own fellowship.  Ones own Minister has the personal responsibility to adjudicate the quality and nature of the marriage, and to provide counsel to both parties when the need arises.


Those that provide personal services have their heart and soul in what they do.  They have customized their services for a very special group of people.  People that have a sincere appreciation for the service they provide.  Personality conflicts can make any professional relationship prohibitive.  HENCE:  One should not try to force a person to become; their hair dresser, reflexologist, Misuse, Custom Cake maker, Custom T-shirt maker, Photographer, or his Minister.  One cannot force a person to become his Counselor, Chiropractor, Doctor, or Attorney.  These professionals can turn ones away for any reason they so choose.

The services of a minister carries deep religious connotations.  It is even more personal than the rest.  Why on Earth would anyone want to force a Minister to become their Minister?  One cannot even force his Senator or Representative to represent his personal interest.

I’m not an ordained Minister.  I am a Christian.  If I were a Minister, I would not want to perform wedding ceremonies for anyone out side my own belief system.  Not Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, Atheist, Non Believers, or Christians who are disobedient to the word of God.

If ones want to marry they should seek out a member of their own subculture to marry them.  They should have no trouble in finding one.  No one has the “right” to be married by anyone in particular.  Does anyone have the “right” to force you to come to them to be married?  If not; then why should you have the right to force anyone to marry you?

Men of God have an intimate relationship with their Congregants. No one is to be forced into an intimate relationship by force of law.  To do so, is the same as rape.

Christian Ministers have the right to turn away homosexuals on the grounds of personal conflict.  Why would a homosexual not want to be married by one of their own belief system?


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